Improving Langley Memorial Hospital

Since 2017, the Langley Memorial Hospital has been campaigning to raise $10 million towards the creation of a new Emergency Department and MRI Suite – and soon this dream will become a reality. As Langley continues to experience incredible growth, updating community services to meet the demands of a thriving population is a necessity. Marcon is proud to be a hospital supporter and contribute to this vital improvement to the community.

The addition of these two features will positively impact the community in countless ways. The Emergency Department will better accommodate and care for those in all kinds of medical distress, decreasing wait times and increasing comfort during a painful and worrying time. The addition of an MRI Suite in early 2020, the only one in Langley, means faster diagnoses for patients in the community. Currently, Langley residents must travel to Surrey or Abbotsford for the advanced imaging technology and endure long wait times. Within its first 12 months, the MRI Suite at Langley Memorial Hospital will perform 7,500 exams. 

There’s value in giving back to the community.