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Homeowner Orientation

Say hello to your new home.

A few weeks before your move-in date, a member of our Customer Care team will arrange a time to introduce you to your new home. During this orientation you’ll get all the details on home finishing, appliances, gas shut-offs, plumbing and any other information you’ll need as the owner of a new Marcon home. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions, take measurements and start planning the interior design.

Key pickup

A big day for you and your keychain.

Shortly after closing, a member of our Customer Care team will meet with you to hand off your new keys. During this appointment, you’ll be shown your parking stall, access systems, garbage room, and so on. But even more than a key pickup, it’s the day the new home is officially yours. Celebrating is highly encouraged.

New home warranty

Protecting against the unexpected.

Every single Marcon home is backed by a third party 2-5-10 new home warranty. This warranty means your home is protected against the unexpected and built to Marcon’s strict standards, as well as the standards of the BC Building Code and municipal authorities. You can rest easy knowing your new home is covered.